BOSUN New Design Solar Pillar Lights

LED solar Pillar lamp uses solar panels to charge Lithium batteries. When the light is sufficient, the solar panels will generate current and voltage to charge the batteries. Charging time for 6-8hrs,and working for 10-12 hrs at night automatically.  

Products Details

Outstanding features of BS Pumpkin series integrated Solar LED Pillar Light

Modelling chimney, tie-in iluminant

BOSUN adopts the patented linear dimming mode to achieve humanized management of ground illumination, which can better avoid the occurrence of safety hazards compared to other dimming modes.

With Lithium battery / LiFePo4 battery's high temperature resistance, controller's temperature compensated function and BMS' temperature protection system,BS-Pumpkin Pillar light are able to work under all extreme climate conditions.

Outdoor surface sandblasting treatment, waterproof,rust and dust, beautiful and durableFaster convension Charging, conversion efficiency >21%LED Solar Pillar Light,Super-brightness LED lights source,by up to 21% Monocrystalline Solar Panel , and the light energy into electric energy stored in the battery. High brightness and special views.

Automatic Time Control Mode

Autonomy Days Backup     

Pro-Double MPPTcontroller, overdischarge, reverse connection protection, light control + time controlPlastic Material Bad Quality bad waterproof 100LM/W,lower lighting source Bad Low capacity Lithium Battery,short lighting timeHigher charging efficiency with Pro-Double MPPT. Higher charging convension of Patented Technology Pro-Double MPPT ControllerPWM or other cheap solar controller low brightness of bad PWM Controller for working at night.

Automatic charging for 4-5 hours during the day and automatic lighting for 10 hours at night

6-8hours charging

10-12 hours lighting

Grade A Aluminium+PC Material waterproof grades can reach IP65. 150LM/W,high lighting source A Great capacity Lithium New Battery3.2V/6000mAh(Built-in BMS) Brand New battery with IP65 waterproof3.2V/5000mAh Sencond-Hand battery without IP65 waterproof1. Align the explosion screws and install themCanada Pillar Lighting Projects 360 PCS BS-ZTD4104 Solar LED Pillar Light Good Feedback from our clients.Have cooperated with our company for 5 years.2. Install the light fixture and tighten the screws3. The switch must be turned on to light up4. Comes with a hexagonal key

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