Solar Smart Lighting BJ 4G Solar Street Light 4G IoT

· All-in-one lamp body · Monocrystalline silicon solar panel · Patented solar controller · All-weather lighting · High light efficiency 180lm/W · Angle adjustable

Products Details

☑ Distributed deployment ,extendable RTU space ☑ Keep the entire street lighting system in view ☑ Easy to integrate with the third party system ☑ Support multiple communication protocols ☑ Convenient management entry ☑ Cloud based system ☑ Elegant design

What is Solar smart lighting?

Automatic light energy charging during the day, and automatic induction lighting at night

Smart Solar Lighting System(SSLS) combining 4G/LTE solar lamp controller communication technology with BOSUN lighting patent IoT Pro-Double MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller.Solar smart lighting is mainly the use of Internet of Things technology equipment, through our patent software platform(SSLS) based on the real-time conditions of the surrounding environment and seasonal changes, weather conditions, illumination, special holidays, etc. to promote the soft start of solar street lights and for the control led street light brightness, in accordance with the needs of humane lighting, to ensure safety while achieving secondary energy saving, improve the quality of lighting.   

Smart Equipment support


Smart lighting is playing a key role as the essential infrastructure of smart city, and also important part of the 5G network construction.   BJX-4G, 3 models for options. It can be used in urban main roads, highways, etc. For the control and management of urban lighting, this product can greatly improve the lighting efficiency of the city. We can also customize and transform products according to the requirements of different urban roads to meet the various needs of customers

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