Wind Solar Hybrid LED Solar Street Light Outdoor LED Light For Project YLH-100W/200W/250W

HYBRID YLH SERIES Application: Highyway, Main Road,Street, Square, Park,Courtyard, Municipal roads, Village,Tourist attraction, etc. Especially for high latitude area alpine region and area lack of sunlight bu with rich wind engery.

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YLH Series:  Hot-sale Wind Solar Hybrid Solar Street Light 

Grade A Mono solar panel: Charging efficiency >21%, much better than Poly solar panel

BOSUN adopts the patented linear dimming mode to achieve humanized management of ground illumination, which can better avoid the occurrence of safety hazards compared to other dimming modes.

With Lithium battery / LiFePo4 battery's high temperature resistance, controller's temperature compensated function and BMS' temperature protection system,BS-YLH series are able to work under all extreme climate conditions.

Add a MOTION SENSOR, the light is 100% on when there is acar passing by, work in dimming mode when there is no car passing by.

The surface is made of frosted die-cast aluminum, which feels very advanced, and the whole lamp looks very expensiveAluminum alloy wind turbine with high quality. Three-phase AC permanent magnet generator. Generate electricity easily.Patent PRO-DOUBLE MPPT charge controller with our high technology,Charging efficiency is 45%-50% higher than normal PWM solar controllerHybrid YLH series,With the enhancement of people's environmental protection concept, people are more favored for the use of green energy. This is an act of protecting the earth, and at the same time achieving economical sustainable development by making full use of the renewable energy of nature. Street lights that combine wind and solar energy will bring people a more convenient experience.

Automatic Time Control Mode

Autonomy Days Backup     

Help You Win Government And Commercial Projects More Easily

Click to send an inquiryPhilips optical beads with high quality, Lighting effect reaches 180lm/w.50000hours life span battery; 2200 times cycles.Traditional systems with low utilization of wind energy No finely machined aluminum alloy, easy to rust Can't resist strong wind, the fan is easy to fall off


Pro-Double MPPT solar controller. Charging efficiency is 45%-50% higher than normal PWM solar controller Programs can be customized to meet various needs of customersTraditional PWM solar controller, charging efficiency is low Fixed procedure, cannot be changed

MOONRIVER-60W 14M STREET and 2line sidewalk 2line bikeway 2line greenbelt with 11M pole-M4

Automatica Braking System,Smart System High-quality aluminum alloy, Can withstand 6-7 level typhoons Anti-rust,long lasting

Minimum speed is 2m/s Maximum speed 2 35m/s


Read the data of PV module in real-time by smartphone APP

Brand New Lithium Battery Real-time detection of the voltage & currency & temperatureSecond-hand Battery The battery life is very short and the lights quickly run out of chargeHigh performance monocrystalline Solar Panel Grade A Mono solar panel: Charging efficiency >21%Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel Poly solar panel: Charging efficiency >18%

MOONRIVER-80W 18M STREET and 2line sidewalk 2line bikeway 2line greenbelt with 11M pole-M3

MOONRIVER-40w 10M road and 2line 2M sidewalk with 8M pole-M4

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