Bosun BJ Series High Lighting Efficiency Integrated Solar Street Light

Bosun BJ series solar street light, made of high efficincy USA LED Chip, 180LM/W working efficiency, coming with aluminium alloy housing, legant Integrated Design, adjustable bracket, suitable for various roads. The maximum wattage can reach 150 watts or more(actual wattage), specially designed for engineering

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Distinguished features of BJ-08 series integrated solar street light from others

Made of ultra thick anti-rust and anti-corrosion Aluminum alloyBOSUN adopts the patented linear dimming mode to achieve humanized management of ground illumination, which can better avoid the occurrence of safety hazards compared to other dimming modes.

With Lithium battery / LiFePo4 battery's high temperature resistance, controller's temperature compensated function and BMS' temperature protection system, BJ series are able to work under all extreme climate conditions.

Add a MOTION SENSOR, the light is 100% on when there is acar passing by, work in dimming mode when there is no car passing by.

Plug & Play Solution replaces switches, which makes installation much easier and is more durable than switches.

Provincial road project in India, 350pcs of BJ 08P Integrated Solar Street Light

Introduction of BJ 08P

High light transmittance and changeable light directionImported high brightness and customized Philips Led chipsAdjustable and stretchable bracket, different mounting angleBJ series, The integrated solar street lamp , converts solar panels into electricity, which then charges the lithium battery in the integrated solar street lamp. During the day, even on cloudy days, the solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the energy needed, and at night it automatically supplies power to the LED lights of the integrated solar street lamp to achieve night lighting, ensuring the lamp working every night from night to dawn

Automatic Time Control Mode

Autonomy Days Backup     

Introduction of BJ 06

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Click to send an inquiryCompared with other similar products using polycrystalline panel, Bosun BJ-08 Series solar street light is using Monocrystalline solar panel, which is higher photoelectri conversion rate, with large irradiation area, fast charging, and fast storage of electrical energy.Brand new LiFePo4 battery rather than used battery Built-in BMSThe efficiency is about 50% higher compared with other normal controller like PWM• Light transmittance>96% • Light direction can be changed • Light distribution is wide • Meeting road lighting standardsBosun's battery for our solar street light is brand new LifePo4 battery, battery cell capacity is full 6000Mah each. Coming with standard BMS 5A-15A, which has the functions of overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, automatic equalization, charge current limit, logging, and error indication. While most of others are using used battery, and without BMS protection.

Dialux Solution of 7M Pole One Side

Dialux Solution of 15M Street with 8M pole

Dialux Solution of 8M pole & 4 Lines Road

Provincial Road Project Done with Indian Government: First Batch 350pcs of BJ-08P Integrated Solar Street Light has finished installation! The second batch 200pcs is waiting for the poles to be installed

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